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“Stonehenge, constructed initially about 2900 BCE (Stonehenge, Section I) is among the most elaborate of 9 hundred historical stone, wooden and earthen circles in the British Isles, along with the biggest and many sophisticated one in Europe.

He renamed Mercury, “Nabu.” Marduk made a priesthood which studied omens plus a horoscope Having said that consequences the planets–and their namesakes–had on Earthlings.

“Experts now believe that Earth’s atmosphere reconstituted to begin with from gasses spewed out from wounded Earth. Clouds thrown up from these eruptions shielded Earth and it started to amazing, the vaporized water condensed and arrived down in torrential rains. Oxidation of rocks and minerals delivered the first reservoir of better levels of oxygen in the world; plants extra both equally oxygen and carbon dioxide on the ambiance and started the nitrogen cycle with the help of microorganisms.

In Egypt an Formal on the pharaoh worked Joseph as a household slave. The Formal’s wife made an effort to seduce Joseph. When he refused her intercourse, she mentioned he’d propositioned her. The official jailed him. In jail, Joseph gained renown as he kept examining desires.

What differentiates him from a “typical” man or woman, even though, is usually that he has experienced many UFO encounters; both of those near his home and away from it. He has also experienced his home broke into and Peculiar people today threatening him. Getting an ex-armed service with entry to armed service fly craft, he suggests that what he’s seen is just not armed forces. And certainly, Peculiar, equivalent phenomena, also talked about while in the Film, occurred here for the duration of George Washington moments, and are recorded as such; I doubt All those had been “armed service”.

Nannar made many of Adapa’s descendants clergymen. The priests led rituals for the Earthlings and taught them to support, obey and worship Nannar and the other Anunnaki as gods.

Preah and afterwards kings reduced nearby sandstone to some slushy concrete. They poured the sandstone concrete into molds that fashioned constant mile-very long walls on 4 sides from the temple intricate.

below: “That first photo is kinda close but think about the facial features from the eyebrow up extra pronounced and your complete deal with/head was translucent.”

has only 3 walls” and on its open up, western side” faces a seven foot tall pillar for “astronomical sighting builders base needs.

’” In his intellect the stay of your Anunnaki on Earth was nearing an conclude and he would prefer to wipe out all lifetime right before they departed for Nibiru. “Practically nothing grew and winds, heat and drought haunted them. Tremors and quakes grew to become typical functions.”

The shifting weather and change of your reigning zodiacal house from the Enlil’s Bull to Marduk’s view it now Aries “moved the telluric lines with the earth. Anchoring the shifting nodes of those currents worldwide with fantastic stone circles, thousands of dolmens and menhirs, expansions of current temples” guarded these stone-encoded computation devices which now shifted to marking the winter solstice.

“When Isaac grew, the apple of previous Abraham’s eye, to adulthood, Enlil tested no matter whether Abraham even now obeyed. Enlil instructed Abraham to acquire Isaac into a distant mountain, far from eyes of Other folks, and murder him in chilly blood. Superior there have been no witnesses all over to incorporate to the expanding discontent amid humans for the gods.”

A Civilized man I have brought forth. A whole new form of Earthling from my seed is designed, in my impression and after my likeness. From seed they from foodstuff will mature, from ewes sheep go right here they're going to shepherd. Anunnaki and Earthlings henceforth shall be satiated.

Anu sent daughter Ninmah with fifty female healthcare officers to Earth. Enroute, they stopped on Mars. Anzu’d died but Ninmah revived Anzu from a coma. On the lakeshore, she and Anzu carved a one,five hundred foot higher statue (a mile very long on its longest facet) of Alalu’s head on the rock mountain [Cyndonia].

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